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The ancient DIVINE LOTUS LAMP (SRI PADMADEEPA) is the last refuge. When every thing falls you, when you are desperate, when you face business losses, when you faces serious family problems..
Whenever there is the Supreme Lord Krishna the master of those following the science of uniting the individual consciousness with the ultimate consciousness and wherever there is Arjuna, there is firmly established fortune, victory, power and virtue. This is my resolve..


Astrologi - Jyothish and allied literature

It is told that Astrology is derived from Subramayana the son of Lord Siva. The first ever known creation of jyothisha is called 'Skanda Hora'. It has been developed and simplified by great sages in their own version. Sages like Vasishta, Athri, Manu, Pulasthya, Brugu, Chyavana,Garga,Parasara,Yavana,Varahamihira etc were the pioneers.

There are a lot of versions to Astrology. The main branches are given below
Astrological Jyotosha Divisions-Along with literature.

1.Thodukuri Shasthram-Sahadeva(The Youngest of pandava)
2.Palmistry or Hastharekha sasthra
3.Gauli shasthra-Garga,Varshan,Mandukam
4.Nimitha Sasthra-Origin from Skanda Hora
5.Kodanki Shasthra-Samudra maharshi
6.Prasna Pradeepam-Sree Narayan Dasa
7.Jathaka Dosham-PuthumanaChomathiri
8.Hora Shasthra-Varahamihiram
9.Graha Doshaprayachithengal
10.Gochara Bhala Vyakyanam
11.Jyothisha Kalpadrumam
12.Muhurtha Pdavi

Dhosha Nivaranam-Astrological and Tantric Corrections

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