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Heavenly Blessings Showers within Hours.. !

For consultation through Telephone,
you can dial between 7-8AM morning and 7-8PM to Gayathri Srilakom.

Phone. 0484 2805747 / 2808485

-Astrological Counseling and Guidance.
-The unique Padmapada Pooja is given to all devotees who follow the advice of Gayathi Srilakom Prayfully.
This pooja is the specialty of Srilakom.

Message For You..

The ancient DIVINE LOTUS LAMP (SRI PADMADEEPA) is the last refuge. When everything fails, when you are desperate, when you face business losses, when you faces serious family problems..
Whenever there is the Supreme Lord Krishna the master of those following the science of uniting the individual consciousness with the ultimate consciousness and wherever there is Arjuna, there is firmly established fortune, victory, power and virtue. This is my resolve..

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