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Services : Srimad Bhagavatha Sapthaham

Those who have attained the blessings by the prayer submission of padma deepa can perform Sreemad bhagavatha sapthaham for which srelakom helps.

Radhika pooja

Special Radhika pooja is performed here every month. The Govardhan sila(rock) and the holy sand of Vrindavan is worshiped here. The Govardhan sila is an aniconic symbol of lord Sree Krishna . Lord Krishna according to his own words is not complete without the presence of his most beloved Radhika.

Srimat Bhagavath Gita Distribution from Srilakom

Gayathri srilakam distributes Gita in various Temples in Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc. free. Gayathri srilakam distributes Gita in various Temples in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Jothisar etc. free of cost. In Jothisar, Kurushethra, Haryana Gita is distributed on the day of Gita Jayanthi, every year. (Jyothisar is the place which witnessed Lord Krishna delivered holy Gita to Arjun during the Maha Bharatha war between Pandavas and Kauravas.)

For Education Success

Srilakom gives the most powerful Swaraswatahrishta empowered by Saraswatha Pooja Manthras to the children.

For Financial Success

Lakshmi Kuber Pooja for financial and business success is performed in Sree Padma deepa. The pooja is performed before the very ancient Laxmi Kuber Idol and hence could handle the hindrances in your financial as well as business aspects. This is the only place in south India which performs this pooja.

Dhanwanthari Pooja

-Tatkal booking availability for medical emergency
Maha Dhanwanthari pooja is held here for health aspects and for the cure of all diseases.

Asthi Nimanjan

-Ceremony for Moksha in sacret places like Ganga
Those who do not have the facility for asthi nimanjan in Hridwar, Kashi, Prayag where the holly river Ganga flows. We do the asthi nimanjan in Rameswaram also.