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The ancient DIVINE LOTUS LAMP (SRI PADMADEEPA) is the last refuge. When every thing falls you, when you are desperate, when you face business losses, when you faces serious family problems..
Whenever there is the Supreme Lord Krishna the master of those following the science of uniting the individual consciousness with the ultimate consciousness and wherever there is Arjuna, there is firmly established fortune, victory, power and virtue. This is my resolve..


Vedas,Upananishad,Brahmanam, Aranyakam, Manthrik & Thanthrik Literature

According to hindu spirituality, the first veda was derived from the Parathama chaithanya itself. Veda vyasa classified the ancient Version into four vedas called Rig,Yajur,Sama and Adharva.
Vyasa taught each of the vedas to his deciples Rigveda was taught to Pailamuni ,Yejurveda to Vyasambayan, Samaveda to Jaimini and Adharva to Sumanthu.
Each veda had its vast studies by the great Sages and they have classified the studies mainly under the titles,Samhita,Brahmanam and Upanishath.
Samhita means 'which was collected'.Brahmanam means spread, increase etc. and Upanishath means 'making somthing closer'(Making the prapancha rahasya readable to everybody).v Rigveda Samhita has been divided into 10 Mandalas and 1017 Sukthas or verses.
Yejurveda has 1886 Mantras and 40 chapters.Almost half of it is from Rigveda.The knowledge of yaga,yajna etc. are found in yajurveda.

In Samaveda Samhita,there are 460 suktha spread in 32 chapters.All suktha except 75 are from Rigveda.But the "Chandaz" and recietation are diffrent.It has more musical value.
Adharva has 20 kandas and 131 manthras.
Each veda has its own Upaveda.
For Rigveda is to Ayurveda.
Yajurveda is to Dhanurveda
Samaveda is Gandharva veda
Adharva vedha is to silpa sasthra

The Suktha are detailed description of vedas.And there are 21 for Rigveda,100 for Yajurveda, 1000 for Samaveda and 9 for Adherva vedha. This is according to 'Mahabhashyam' witten by the Sage Pathanjali.

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